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As the Ebola virus situation continues to unfold, what can you do to protect yourself? Tim Autrey, Founder/CEO of the Practicing Perfection Institute, Inc. (PPI) and Executive Director of the Human Performance Association, Inc. (HPA) introduces proactive measures to help you guard against becoming infected and spreading infection.

PPI is offering a free copy of the Medical Error Elimination Tools™ Handbook to any Medical Professional in the US who requests it. The Medical Error Elimination Tools™ are a simple set of behavioral tools, which when used uncompromisingly, virtually eliminate the potential for making mistakes (such as getting inadvertently exposed or spreading contamination).

The HPA has put together “7 Simple Steps for helping to protect you and people you care about”. This is a downloadable pdf, available free of charge to anyone who requests it. It details seven simple steps for minimizing anyone’s potential for either becoming infected or spreading infection.