Human Performance Master (HPM)

Master designation (HPM) is for those desiring to teach, facilitate, and/or consult in the field of Next-Level Human Performance. It signifies that you have mastered the ability to positively influence the behaviors of organization members at all levels.

HPM-designated professionals are the evangelists of Next-Level Human Performance, committed to teaching and actively integrating associated precepts into organizational working culture.

Requirements for Achieving Your HPM Designation

o Complete the requirements for obtaining/maintaining your HPC Designation

o Demonstrate your ability to positively influence human behavior

o Satisfactorily complete the HPM Application

o Be approved by the HPA Certification Board

Requirements for Maintaining Your HPM Designation

o Meet the requirements for maintaining active HPC status

o Document your successes of active facilitation/influence during the previous year

o Be approved by the HPA Certification Board