About Us

The HPA is a not-for-profit association, brain trust, resource center, and community for thought leadership, practical application, and organizational leadership seeking to define, achieve, and sustain next-level human performance.

Our Board of Advisors is comprised of thought leaders, organizational leaders, and front line practitioners, each of whom has recognized expertise in their respective fields. Each member subscribes to the tenet that “no one of us is as smart as all of us”, and is therefore offering to and receiving from a pool of synthesized insights and strategies with the intent of continually defining and refining the next level of next-level human performance.

The Association will use the latest in technology to conduct virtual meetings, as well as online learning and information sessions in order to make next-level human performance insights, strategies, and collaboration available to as many people around the world as possible. In addition, annual and regional on-location conferences will also be conducted.

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Human Performance Association, Inc.
1712 Pioneer Avenue  Suite 1166
Cheyenne, Wyoming  82001
PHONE (307) 637-0958