HPA Board of Advisors

Gary Mechler, NRG PMG (retired)

Gary Mechler is a professional in the power generation business who retired from NRG on July 1, 2013 after a 36 year career. He began his career with Houston Lighting and Power in May 1977 as a Results Engineer at the P H Robinson Power Plant and in August 1987 was promoted to Plant Manager at the S R Bertron Power Plant. 

Jack Martin, President HPRCT

Jack is President of HPRCT and leader of the planning committee for the annual HPRCT conference. He is also Vice President of a privately owned business that evaluates and offers suggestions for improvement for corrective action and Human Behavior programs.

Jeremy Welland, Ph.D., Corporate Strategy & Data Analytics

Dr. Welland is currently the Director of Enterprise Data Analytics within the Office of the President at Pacific Gas and Electric Company. He leads continuous improvement projects to help line of business executives achieve cost efficiency and customer effectiveness goals.

Michael Monroe, Manager - PPL Montour

Michael Munroe is manager of PPL's Montour power plant. A two-unit, 1,500-megawatt, coal-fired power plant in Montour County, Pa. 

Kevin Harris, Manager, Northeast Utilities

Kevin has 27 years of service with Northeast Utilities in the field of Test and Commissioning of Generation, Substation and Switchyard facilities. He started his career with Northeast Utilities Nuclear Production Test Group.

Mike Blevins,  COO, Luminant (retired)

Mike Blevins is retired and a consultant to the energy industry. As an executive consultant, Mike has worked with various companies on new nuclear licensing, design, construction, operations readiness and staffing. In addition, he serves as a coach for several senior nuclear and corporate executives, advises on organizational development, emergency planning, market analysis, human performance and other topics.