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Human Performance Heroes

The HPA Journal: Human Performance Heroes

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Rene Pare


Rene Pare is currently the Creative Consultant of MI Custom Signs in Taylor, Michigan.

His career path has been a stream of customer service jobs. Managing people started at a restaurant at age 20 and I’ve been learning about people and how to do it better every day since. He’s a firm believer that his job is to assist his team and help them do their job better. The folks on the front line are the most important people in any business.

James Fleming


James Fleming is currently the Section Manager for Capital/New Business –Consolidated Edison Incorporated.

In addition to a master’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Manhattan College, James has over twenty-one years of experience in Gas construction/distribution. Working his way up the organization chart, his impressive career began as a laborer, a job he held for eleven years. He has also been a supervisor, a field operations planner, and is currently a section manager, a position he has thrived in for the past two years.

James’ passion for Human Performance guides him as he leads his team, helping them perform their best and realize their full potential. He is currently a member of Gas Operations HPI Team which helps show the benefits of using the tools and techniques to improve their workers’ performance and minimize human performance errors. They have been accident and injury free for over 300 days and counting.

Howard Sheard


Howard Sheard is a professional with 36 years of experience in the field of electrical services. He currently works as an Area Manager in a Substation Operations at Consolidated Edison Company of New York (CECONY). He is a recognized safety leader throughout all of Central Operations. He is responsible for the custodial accountability of Manhattan substation facilities, while assuring these facilities are operating in compliance with applicable government and corporate regulations. Howard coaches management staff to effectively deal with administrative job responsibilities.

Christopher Genell, CSP


Christopher Genell, CSP is the Corporate EHS Manager–Compliance for Asplundh Tree Expert, Co. in Willow Grove, PA. Chris’s team is responsible for sustainability programs and corporate safety, health and environmental policies, as well as the maintenance and integrity of the company’s safety data. Having worked in the construction, demolition, and nuclear industries over 27 years, he brings a wealth of experience in human performance, environmental, and health & safety management.


Bryan Johnny Patrick

I’m the proud husband to my wonderful wife Darlene; dad to five incredible children whose ages range from seven to 21. (Allison, Lauren, Tyson, Tanner, and Madilyn). I’m retired USAF, a former rodeo clown and power plant instructor and currently a safety supervisor/mentor. I have an incredible opportunity to use human performance every day in the course of doing my job. It’s hard to beat doing what you love. I wish you well in your endeavors in making the world a better place.

James Newman


James Newman is the author of a blog and podcast called “Human Performance Tools for Practitioners” . The blog was created to answer questions posed by himself and readers. The podcast focuses on opening people to error prevention. They have been viewed by people in every U.S. State and in over 50 countries.

James is also a father with an ESFP personality, a former heavy-metal and punk band lead singer, former robot designer (for competitions), a professional mobile DJ, an INPO certified and award-winning trainer, a 22-year veteran in commercial nuclear power (recently transitioned to Utility Transmission and Distribution), and a mentor to other professionals .

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