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Industry Benchmarks

Benchmarking is the process of comparing one’s processes and outcomes with those considered to be the best in a given industry, or against those of other industries.

The HPA Benchmarking Guidelines offer the standards for next-level human performance. They are arranged to provide leaders and practitioners in any organization, whether newly venturing into human performance, or seasoned pros ready to take things to the next level, with best practice methods, processes, systems, and metrics for their specific industry.

The information provided can be used to plot a course from concept, to strategy, to tactical implementation. It can also be used as the benchmark for self-assessment of your current approach, processes, and metrics/outcomes.

Developing the Industry-specific Benchmarking Guidelines is a hallmark undertaking of the Association. The first Guideline, HPA-G-1.0, Electrical Transmission and Distribution is currently in development.

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