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Learning Opportunities

A key purpose of the Association is to provide members with the best most up-to-date insights, information, education, and implementation tools and resources available in the field of human performance improvement. Because our members are engaged in ongoing dialogue and collaboration, those seeking these resources will find them to be constantly improving as thought leadership and relevant experience generate their refinement.

Education and the sharing of information form the crux of our efforts to change the global conversation on human performance. The intent is to provide best-available resources, offering sane and coherent insights, combined with “how to” tools and implementation strategies.

The categories of information currently available to members include…


The Association will continue to develop and refine our library of Briefings, which are to-the-point documents designed to provide specific breakthrough insights related to achieving and sustaining next-level human performance.


These are insights, specific topics, or breakthrough experiences posted by member thought leaders and leading practitioners. Such postings are shared online via social media, and are available for comment and dialogue by our membership community.


One of the key benefits of membership, each Benchmark Guideline provides (in a single document) the context, systematic approach, and implementation elements for achieving and sustaining next-level human performance. Specific Guidelines are currently / will soon be available for the following industries/sectors:

-Electrical Transmission

-Electrical Generation- Non-Nuclear

-Electrical Generation- Nuclear

-Petrochemical Operations


-Medical- Hospitals

-Medical- Clinics and Practices



The HPA Journal is the Association’s quarterly magazine, offering the latest in insights, strategies, and tools for improving human performance.  Each issue centers around a critical aspect of human performance,  perspectives of which are addressed by contributing authors, experts, thought leaders, and front line practitioners. 


Webinars are pre-scheduled interactive learning opportunities on specific/emergent topics that are conducted online. These sessions are presented either directly by the Association, or by recognized Experts in a given field. Webinars are typically available to the public. When tuition is involved to attend a webinar, members receive a substantial discount.

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