“If people are good only because they fear punishment, and hope for reward, then we are a sorry lot indeed

– Albert Einstein

The Psychology of Human Error


The intent of this chapter is to de-mystify some of the fundamental elements of the science of human error, and to bring them into the common sense context of next-level human performance.I mentioned previously that the average member of your team (senior leader, manager, or otherwise) couldn’t care less about the science of human performance. Well, they care even less about the science of human error. I know, as a performance improvement professional, you undoubtedly find this almost impossible to even conceive (again said in jest). It is likely, that unless you are a scientist, professor in a related field, or one of those extremely anal types that the world needs, knows, and loves, you probably have similar feelings. The hard core science of human error, while important for really ‘digging in’, is indeed but for the select few. So, I am going to keep this simple, and hopefully clear up some misconceptions along the way.

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How confirmation bias contributes to a culture of compliance

BY Dave Galloway


Confirmation bias is the tendency to process information by looking for, or interpreting, information that is consistent with one’s existing beliefs. This biased approach to decision-making is largely unintentional and often results in ignoring inconsistent information. Existing beliefs can include one’s expectations in a given situation and predictions about a particular outcome. People are especially likely to process information to support their own beliefs when the issue is highly important or self-relevant.

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Managing Risk: Safety is NOT your Top Priority! 

Safety (defined) is- freedom from risk or harm. Ever wonder why workers often scoff at the idea that safety is your company’s “top priority”?

Tim Autrey explains how referring to safety as your “top priority” causes confusion, resistance, and even resentment on the front line. What’s a good alternative? 

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What Happened to Day Davis?

[Disclaimer: This video can invoke serious emotions for some]

Ninety minutes into his first day on the first job of his life, Day Davis was called over to help at Palletizer No. 4 at the Bacardi bottling plant in Jacksonville, Florida. What happened next is an all-too-common story for temp workers working in blue-collar industries. 

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