HPA NEWSLETTER – March, 2017

“When we change the way we communicate, we change society.

– Clay Shirky

Got two seconds? Make the most of them.


Say you have a big pitch coming up. You make an impressive agenda, put together a killer deck, and practice answering hard questions. But there’s a problem. This is all focused on the middle and end of your pitch, and it skips over the most important part: the first two seconds. And if you don’t nail those, guess what? Your hard work is irrelevant.

Here’s why: In 1992, researchers Nalini Ambady and Robert Rosenthal, then at Harvard, found that our first impressions are essential for our success. 

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Four Tips For Communicating Well In Nerve-Wracking Situations


A group job interview.

A high-stakes board meeting.

A pitch to investors.

If you’ve been in any of these situations, you know how hard it can be to speak confidently, articulately, and convincingly. Even if you think you know your message really well, speaking becomes a lot more challenging when the stakes are high. But while you can’t exactly control the outcome, you can control how you communicate in the moment. Here’s how to speak well in even the most intimidating environments.

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Are you just going through the motions- or are you part of the dialogue? 

In this video Tim Autrey teaches a live audience one of the primary tools from PPI’s Error Elimination Tools Handbook, Pre-Job Brief.

Tim emphasizes that an effective PJB is a dialogue, not a one-way communication.

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Are You Communicating Effectively?

We’re all different and communicating can be challenging, but it’s easy when you know ‘How’. This funny 2-minute video clearly demonstrates how an unclear communication style can be confusing.

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