October, 2016

“He who does not trust enough, will not be trusted.”


How the Best Leaders Build Trust


Almost everywhere we turn, trust is on the decline. Trust in our culture at large, in our institutions, and in our companies is significantly lower than a generation ago. 

Research shows that only 49% of employees trust senior management, and only 28% believe CEOs are a credible source of information. Consider the loss of trust and confidence in the financial markets today. Indeed, “trust makes the world go ’round,” and right now we’re experiencing a crisis of trust. This crisis compels us to ask three questions. First, is there a measurable cost to low trust? Second, is there a tangible benefit to high trust? Third, how can the best leaders build trust in and within their organizations to reap the benefits of high trust?

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Olympic Story of Trust


I was a Division Manager for Eastman Kodak when a strange request came in from the Olympics. Responding to this impossible challenge involved having total trust in the system and team, to allow them to break every rule in the book and put out a new product in less than three days.


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Simon Sinek on Building Trust Through Committed Leadership

Simon Sinek created a simple model called The Golden Circle, that codifies what makes the most inspiring people and organizations so successful and influential. Formerly a student in anthropology, Simon Sinek turned his fascination with social norms into a passion, encouraging people to do what inspires them by helping them to find their “WHY”. 
Now Simon takes the next step. After ‘WHY’ comes ‘TRUST’…how to earn it, how to keep it, how to reap the benefits.

10 Tips To Increasing Employee Trust

A recent survey indicated that nearly 60 percent of workers believe that their organization lacks trust. This video demonstrates ten ways to improve trust while managing employees.  

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