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SPECIAL FEATURE: 6-Hour Safety Culture

6-Hour Safety Culture is the first book published by the Human Performance Association, Inc. (HPA). Written by Tim Autrey, Founder/CEO of the Practicing Perfection Institute, Inc., it chronicles and details the lessons learned over his past ten years of working with tens of thousands of employees in some of the largest organizations on the planet; efforts where errors have been substantially reduced, events have been eliminated, and work cultures have been dramatically transformed.

In 6-Hour Safety Culture, Tim Autrey offers tangible insight into how to achieve and sustain next-level performance in any organization. Using stories and anecdotes drawn from his experiences within the US Naval submarine service, nuclear power generation industry, and as Founder/CEO of the Practicing Perfection Institute, Inc., he breaks down the underlying science of human performance into simple understandable ‘chunks’. He offers a great deal of ‘simplicity on the far side of complexity’.

Tim wraps up the 6-Hour Safety Culture journey with a challenge- a challenge to you and everyone else who chooses to learn…and take action. A challenge to make (as Steve Jobs put it) a dent in the universe; to truly help make your organization, and ultimately the world, a better and safer place.

Tim Autrey’s intent in writing this book has been to ‘spread the word’ on what he and his team of Human Performance Professionals have learned; to provide tangible HOW-TO information regarding human performance improvement.

Thanks to all who voted on the cover design (and offered comments on the tag line).

You can see the chosen cover (and watch the really cool book trailer video) HERE.

6-Hour Safety Culture is currently available in both hard copy and Kindle versions on Those who purchase the book are given access to a library of Videos, Tools, and Resources via the book’s website-

Readers are also encouraged to ask questions and get involved in the conversation on the book’s Facebook page,, as well as to get in on the ground floor of conversation and interaction by joining the newly formed 6-Hour Safety Culture Group on LinkedIn.

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