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Ritu Budakoti - Managing Director

Ritu Budakoti is the Managing Director of Human Performance Association, Inc. She is recognized as a Proactive Leader and an Organizational Culture Transformation Expert.

What is more important: Strategy or organizational culture. Culture eats strategy for breakfast; Ms. Budakoti is a huge believer of this idea which was presented by Peter Drucker, himself, many years ago. With this thought process she strives to help companies and leaders to learn fast, simple and easy ways to transform team and organizational culture.

Ritu Budakoti has spent the majority of her professional life working in the field of Education. She is an experienced International School Educator. Ms. Budakoti is highly motivated, dedicated, resourceful, and a goal-driven professional with a solid commitment to make the world a safer, better and more efficient place.

Ms. Ritu Budakoti has the distinction of being honored with the prestigious Gold Medal for academic excellence for her Masters in Botany from HNB University, India. Being a passionate learner, she continued her education and graduated with Summa Cum Laude securing a GPA of 4.0, successfully completing her Master’s in Education from Keene State College, USA.

Ms. Budakoti has served as the catalyst for implementation of successful strategies, determining deliverables, and development initiatives, integrated by high-caliber educational cum management skills.  Ms. Budakoti developed dependable track records both at national and international levels.

Ms. Budakoti brings creative design, problem-solving and analytical talents, combined with excellent teaching and learning experience in a cross-cultural environment. She has taught and worked with renowned educators from across the globe. Through her teaching and Leadership Training facilitation in the past, she understands the habits of mind and how to enhance learning by using simple and sustainable strategies.

Ms. Ritu Budakoti always reflects and derives her strength in any work area by focusing on the details and collaborating with her colleagues and team. She is spearheading the global development and expansion of Human Performance Association- an idea whose time has come!

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