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Rosa Carrillo


Rosa Antonia Carrillo, M.S.O.D

ROSA ANTONIA CARRILLO, M.S.O.D., president of Carrillo and Associates, is an internationally recognized leader in creating transformational culture change with a focus on the safety, environment, and health function. The Safety Institute of Australia recognized her contributions with the Wigglesworth award in 2015. Since 1995 she has authored on the topic of safety culture leadership, and has consulted on this topic to governmental and corporate clients in multiple industries around the world. 

She was fortunate to study under Edgar Schein and who recognized Ms. Carrillo’s early recognition that trust and open communication are the foundation of a strong positive safety culture in his book, “Humble Consulting.”

Ms. Carrillo is a social and cultural anthropologist interested in social relationships in the workplace. She has applied these concepts to safety performance in very concrete ways. Through various methodologies she is able to draw out the beliefs and meaning that employees use to operate at work; what they value and what they believe management values. She has worked with many major companies in Mining, Pharmaceutical, Utilities, Nuclear, Aerospace, and Education.

As a former adjunct faculty in the Pepperdine University Presidential Key Executive program, Ms. Carrillo worked in depth to develop leadership capability in high-level managers.  Ms. Carrillo’s 18 years of experience at the operational level with managers, supervisors and union members in North America, Latin America, Central Asia, and Bahrain, brings her credibility with all levels of the organization.

Rosa was raised in Mexico, speaks English and Spanish, and has worked with Mexican facilities for Honeywell, Johnson & Johnson, Toyota and General Motors. Ms. Carrillo holds a Masters of Science degree in Organization Development at Pepperdine University and is a former member of the Faculty in the Presidential Key Executive MBA program at Pepperdine University, specializing in Organizational Behavior.

Recent Publications

Carrillo, R. A and N. Samuels. (Jan. 2015). Safety Conversations: Catching Drift and Weak Signals. Professional Safety.

Carrillo, R. A. “Relationship-Based Safety: Moving beyond culture and behavior.” Professional Safety. 2012.

Carrillo, R. A. “Safety and Complexity,” National Safety Council Journal of Safety Research, 2011.

Carrillo, Rosa Antonia, “Positive Safety Culture: How to Create, Lead and Maintain,” Professional Safety, May 2009

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