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ViewPoint 360 Webinar Launch Series

HPA is delighted to bring the global Human Performance Fraternity together, through sharing latest information, experiences, research and insights. “ViewPoint 360”webinar series is an initiative that provides latest and greatest content from a wide variety of topics pertaining to Human Performance, Leadership, Effective Communication, Productivity, Reliability, Safety, Efficiency, Culture, Change, Teamwork etc.

“ViewPoint 360” premiers’ human performance professionals who are serving as Role Models, and who are breaking the glass ceiling so to speak, in their field of work.

This ViewPoint 360 series, serves to promote and celebrate the insightful work that has been undertaken by professionals across the globe.

ViewPoint 360 Launch series is currently offered to all participants free of charge. ViewPoint 360 is helping to change the Global conversation on Human Performance!


  • Human Performance

  • Performance Improvement

  • Leadership- Challenges & Growth

  • Communication

  • Productivity

  • Reliability

  • Safety

  • Efficiency

  • Culture

  • Change

  • Teamwork

  • Research & Best Practices

  • Human Error & Risk

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