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Relationship Centered Leadership

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This three part webinar series provides a guide to understanding the central concepts of Relationship Centered Leadership and the conversations needed to improve organizational performance. When people believe management cares about them, engagement steps up. You will learn first that inclusion builds relationships; exclusion destroys them because it diminishes a person’s sense of identity and belonging. Second, relationship and communication are inseparable. So if you believe your message is important, first build a relationship.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

An essential element of a healthy Safety Culture is a high level of Personal Accountability.  To be personally accountable, people need to feel they are valued members of the team- that they are included.

In this 3-part webinar series, Rosa details how sense of inclusion builds relationships.  She then provides next-level insight into HOW to grow relationships in a manner that promotes communication, openness, and trust. In PART III, of this series Ms. Carrillo  helped us to learn about the “Eight Beliefs of Relationship-Centered Leadership”- practical applications for growing a culture of trust and engagement.

Be a SPARK [7 key Behaviors of an Extraordinary Leader] 

Special Guest



We all have the power to be influential leaders.  Leadership isn’t a position – it’s a behavior that can be expressed each and every day. 

ViewPoint 360 is proud to present Ms. Angie Morgan a 20-year leadership expert. New York times bestselling author and inspirational keynote speaker, who will be presenting her exclusive insights and excerpts on Leadership, from her book SPARK!

Shortly after launching her professional career, Angie saw a need in the workplace: professionals consistently showed the capacity to be leaders, but no one was actively helping them get there.

In this webinar, Angie will inspire individuals to take action to ensure their performance is high and their goals are achieved. 

Learning Objectives:

This exclusive session will highlight:

  • The three common misconceptions about leadership

  • Leadership behaviors anyone – at any level – can demonstrate, which are detailed in the New York Times Best-Selling book SPARK: How to Lead Yourself and Others to Greater Success

  • A one-of-a-kind offer that can help you inspire greater leadership among whatever team or group that you’re a part of

Self-Differentiated Leadership and System Thinking

Special Guest



The premise of this webinar is that leadership is poorly understood because human systems are poorly understood. Like the paradigms of old, which were eventually discarded—flat earth, earth at the center of the universe, and so on—most people are trapped in a limiting paradigm of personal authority and human systems. Problems are understood as “clashes of personality,” and blame is directed at the superficial level of individuals, groups, and structure. The result is hardly more sophisticated than a soap opera. The true root cause is over- looked, and hence perpetuated.

There is a way out, clearly demonstrated, consistently replicated, and yet little known. This webinar clarifies that path, blazed by family systems therapist Dr. Edwin Friedman. As the title of my latest book suggests, leadership can be learned. Although there is art to leadership, there is also science. With this webinar you will gain a new understanding of human systems and of how to improve yourself and the system you are in.

Learning Objectives:

This exclusive session will highlight:

  • Friedman’s Five Characteristics of Chronically Anxious (i.e., over stressed) Systems

  • The Three Components of Dr. Murray Bowen’s Self-Differentiation Inner Guidance System

  • The Three Components of Friedman’s Self-Differentiated Leadership

  • The application of all of the above to leading and influencing organizations

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